Month: August 2014

Clean up ScribeInternal DB for Scribe Insight to reduce disk size

If the hard drive on your Scribe Insight integration server gets full, conduct the following operation to reduce the size of the ScribeInternal DB. This database will get full approximately once every 2-3 months.


  1. Run scribemaintenance.sql
  2. Run the following command:
    USE  master
    EXEC sp_clean_db_free_space @dbname= N'ScribeInternal';
  3. Go to the Object Explorer pane in SSMzS and right click on the database in question. Choose tasks -> shrink -> files. Change the file type option to Log, click the “Reorganize pages before releasing unused space” option, and set the value to 1 MB. Hit OK.

If this doesn’t work, check to see if your database is set up with a Full database recover model. Right click the database and go to properties. Choose Options, and check the Recover model option. Set to simple (if you can!!!), then shrink the logs.

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Pareshan Hoon (Bal-e-Jibreel)

پریشان ھوں کے میری خاک آخر دل نا بن جاے
جو مشکل اب ہے یا رب پھر وھی مشکل نا بن جاے

Worry I, that my scattered ashes become a beating heart again.
Those woes that haunted it since, make it fall apart again.

نا کر دیں مجھ کو مجبور نو فردوس میں حوریں
میرا سوز دوران پھر گرمی محفل نا بن جاے

Worry I, the sirens of heaven may tempt me into a song,
The love that burnt timid since, may burst into a blaze.

کبھی چھوڑی ہی منزل بھی یاد آتی ہے راھی کو
کھٹک سی ہے جو سینے میں غم منزل نا بن جاے

Does the wise seafarer ever dwell within his forgone paths? Nay,
But this infliction to you, may become my sorrow fare’s end.

بنایا عشق نے دریا نا پیدا کرنا مجھ کو
یه میری خد نگھداری میرا ساحل نا بن جاے

My love can make my ship run through seas of boundless depths,
But worry I, fear will keep me treading the shallow shores again.

کھین اس علم با رنگ بو میں بھی طلب میری
وھی افسانه دنبالہ محمل نا بن جاے

Does a world full of color and spice, even have a need for me?
Will the passions of this heart of mine echo a forgotten tale.

عروج آدم خاکی سے انجم سہمے جاتے ھیں
کے یه ٹوٹا ھوا مہ کامل نا بن جائے

Panic strikes the stars above, as the feeble Adam rises.
Worry they, this broken star, doesn’t burn a brilliant flame.

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