Author: Sarfraz Khan

FCBs in Dynamics 365 Power Platform (CE/CRM)

FCBs in Dynamics 365 FCB.AADGroups FCB.AADGroupsMembershipType FCB.ACIForEmailEngagement FCB.AIBuilder.AIBuilderCustomPipeline FCB.AMMUpdateEnqueueCheck FCB.AMMUpdateForOfflineAppsOnly FCB.AOBDataFileStoreRead FCB.AOBDataFileStoreWrite FCB.AOBDataSQLWrite FCB.AOBRetrieveAddDataBlobIdColumn FCB.AadGroupLimitedToInheritedRoles FCB.ActionCard FCB.ActionCardAsyncJobsFramework FCB.ActionCardAsyncOperationRecurrenceFix FCB.ActionCardGenerationAsync FCB.ActionCardUIV2 FCB.ActivateModernFlowAfterWorkflow FCB.ActivitiesDueFilter FCB.ActivitiesEnableVerboseTelemetry FCB.ActivitiesUseLockingForActivityParties FCB.ActivityCalendarStatePersistence FCB.ActivityEditor.InlineImages FCB.ActivityEditorConfig2020Update FCB.ActivityFeedsEnableOdataPostCreation FCB.ActivityInsights FCB.ActivityLogging FCB.ActivityMgmtApril2020Update FCB.ActivityWallSorting FCB.AddAppIdSyncWF FCB.AddAppSettingInRetrievePublishedAppModuleWithLocaleResponse FCB.AddAppSettingsInGCMResponse FCB.AddAttrExprToQEWhenAliasIsProvided FCB.AddAttributeToSolutionComponentListOnlyIfNotSkipped FCB.AddCorrelationTokenToGenerateRibbonMetadata FCB.AddDelayedAttributeToSolutionComponents FCB.AddEmailAddressOnReply FCB.AddExistingEntityKeyToSolutionComponents FCB.AddFeatureControlSettingsInUserContext FCB.AddFormCheckForTrigger FCB.AddPrivilegeNameToGetUserPrivileges FCB.AddProductsPreview FCB.AddQueryHintForTRC FCB.AddRelatedEntityCondition FCB.AddRemoveSysAdminFSPWithSysAdminRole FCB.AddTelemetryHeadersExternalSearch FCB.Address.AutoComplete FCB.Address.Validate FCB.AdhocIndexingAvoidProvisioning FCB.AdminAccessModeErrorScreenForTeamsEnv FCB.AdminNotifyIEUsers FCB.AdvancedFindOnUCI […]

Running PHP CLI commands for Magento on a hosted environment like

If you want to run PHP CLI command for Magento extension installs on a hosted environment like, and don’t have access to SSH or composer, cron jobs can be really helpful. I had to install an extension and then run setup:upgrade, but didn’t have time to go through composer so instead, I created a […]

Azure Services in FedRAMP and DoD SRG Audit Scope – Azure Government | Microsoft Docs

Link to Azure Services in FedRAMP and DoD SRG Audit Scope. This section goes over offerings per the following audit scopes: DoD CC SRG IL 2 DoD CC SRG IL 4 DoD CC SRG IL 5 (Azure Gov)* DoD CC SRG IL 5 (Azure DoD) ** FedRAMP High DoD CC SRG IL 6 CC SRG […]

How to externally authenticate and consume data from Dynamics 365 CE Web API

There are 4 steps to authenticate and consume data from the D365 CE Web API in the cloud. In this scenario, we are going to use what is called the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow. It is one of the ways you can authenticate your calls. Authorization code flow is good because it’s hands-off. I […]