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Send data from WordPress (and other PHP sites) to Dynamics CRM/CE

On of the easiest ways to capture data from WordPress and other PHP based sites and send it to Dynamics CRM/365CE has to be the PHP Toolkit created by AlexaCRM. They have two tools available for use for free.

  1. PHP Toolkit
  2. WordPress Plugin

    WordPress Plugin for Dynamics CRM

    If you have a WordPress site, connecting to Dynamics CRM/D365CE is a 10-minute exercise. Install the WordPress plugin on your site, create a form in Dynamics with a distinct name, add a page in WordPress and put the following shortcode snippet in the code editor.


    Page 1

    In the code above, replace the “Contact Card” with the name of your form in CRM. That’s it!

    Other PHP based sites

    If you have any other PHP based site like Joomla or Drupal, you can use the PHP Toolkit to connect Dynamics CRM/365CE to your site. Put the toolkit libraries into a libraries folder and you can call them from any page since it’s PHP. AlexaCRM has made examples available on their GitHub page.

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    Project Management Process Guidelines Flowchart

    Use these flowchart diagrams as a visual aid to help understand the project management methodology. The diagrams show parallel and interdependent processes, as well as project lifecycle relationships.

    Initiation Processes Flow

    Planning Processes Flow

    Executing Processes Flow

    Monitoring & Controlling Processes Flow

    Closing Processes Flow


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    How to insert data from Excel to MS SQL quickly

    I have used this tool a few times and honestly, its a lot quicker than the “Import and Export Data” tool or the “Generate Scripts” option under Tasks. This is a tool built by Perceptus Consulting to import data from Excel into an existing SQL table quickly. It just gives you the import script and you can modify it as you like. You can modify the script to make the transaction explicit, or simple add more statements to the script. It’s simple and a lot safer than running unreliable wizards.

    Here is the tool:

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